POIG RMWG Annual Progress Report 2020

Closing in on fully responsible palm oil

The manufacturers in the Palm Oil Innovation Group demonstrate sustained progress towards deforestation and exploitation free supply chains.

Since the Group’s 2019 progress report, our members have continued to make effective changes to their supply chains through collaboration, innovation, and determination to exclude conventional, non-certified palm oil from their supply chains, and discontinue reliance on RSPO Credits based assurance.

In some areas this has been a challenge, as each RMWG member has developed a strong response and solutions to complex sourcing challenges. L’Oréal continues to champion the availability of RSPO-certified derivates in partnership with key supply chain actors and have made strides in converting conventional to mass balance certified derivatives; UK soap manufacturer Stephenson has achieved 100% segregated certified PO, PKO and fractions, including 10% POIG verified PO; Since setting up a dedicated segregated supply chain in the US in December of 2020, Danone now sources 97% of all its palm oil materials including fractions and derivatives from segregated RSPO-certified sources, and 99.6% of Ferrero’s palm oil fractions is certified segregated, including almost 10% POIG verified palm oil fractions.

Download the report here to learn more about the progress of our journey so far.