POIG is currently open to applications from any Non-governmental Organisation (NGO), oil palm grower, oil palm trader, oil palm processor, retailer or manufacturer who supports the POIG Charter and shares our vision. Membership status is open only to organisations which meet the below requirements. Where the organisation is involved in more than one sector, all requirements for the sectors in which it operates must be met. In addition, all members must adhere to the POIG Eligibility and Terms of Engagement.

Organisations interested in applying for POIG membership should contact [email protected].

Palm oil producers can apply for membership, provided that:

  • They generate the majority of their revenues from the cultivation and processing of oil palm fresh fruit bunches (FFB).
  • At least 50% of their plantations (regardless of shareholding or location) are Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certified, and a commitment is made to becoming 100% RSPO certified within two years.
  • Upon joining POIG, a full commitment to the implementation of the POIG Charter is made.

Producer members must undergo independent verification of compliance with the POIG Charter Verification Indicators within their first year of membership.

NGOs can apply for membership, provided that:

  • They have a stated social and/or environmental mission that is in line with the POIG Charter.
  • Upon joining POIG, a public commitment is made to support the objectives of POIG and the POIG Charter.

Retailers and Manufacturers can apply for membership, provided that:

Traders and Processors can apply for membership, provided that:

  • They physically handle or process palm oil or palm kernel oil. These companies may also cultivate oil palm FFB, but do not generate a majority of their revenue from this aspect of their operations.
  • They are RSPO members.
  • A public commitment is made to support the objectives of the POIG Charter and comply with the requirements of the POIG Charter for Traders & Processors.

Traders/processors that cultivate oil palm FFB are required to fully comply with POIG grower requirements for their own production and obtain independent verification of compliance.

Other membership categories may be established.
Organisations with an interest in becoming a POIG member and in contributing to the development of a Charter for their role in the palm oil supply chain, are invited to express their interest by contacting [email protected].

A journey towards responsible palm oil

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