What is POIG’s relevance pursuant to the adoption of the 2018 RSPO P&C?

The Palm Oil Innovation Group (POIG) is a multi-stakeholder initiative that creates and promotes innovations in the palm oil industry. POIG strives to achieve the adoption of responsible palm oil production practices by key players in the supply chain through developing and sharing a credible and verifiable benchmark that builds upon the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

POIG’s grower members support the RSPO principle commitment to continuous improvement by implementing existing RSPO standards as well as trialling and promoting innovation. POIG recognises the new Principles & Criteria (P&C) as a major step forward, and our members are committed to work with RSPO to demonstrate effective implementation and assurance of the new P&C.

POIG has developed an auditable framework to enable market recognition for palm oil produced by companies operating in compliance with the POIG Charter and verification indicators, which prevent deforestation, expansion on peatlands of any depth, uphold human and labour rights, and limit climate change. POIG is also currently working to support the market uptake of POIG verified oil, which is certified RSPO Segregated (SG) oil produced by growers verified against the POIG Charter.

POIG stands as a strong supporter of RSPO certification. Our Charter requires grower members to become 100% RSPO certified within two years of joining. POIG Retailers and Manufacturer members are required to be members of the RSPO and to transition their sourcing through to 100% RSPO SG, and then POIG verified oil.

A journey towards responsible palm oil

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