Leading Manufacturers and Retailers Announce support for Palm Oil Innovation Group

Five of the world’s leading consumer goods manufacturers and retailers today announce their support to drive the transformation of their sector towards responsible palm oil production and sourcing.

Ferrero, REWE Group, EDEKA, Boulder Brands and Stephenson have all announced their support for the Palm Oil Innovation Group (POIG), by joining NGOs and palm oil producers seeking to break the link between palm oil and deforestation, social conflict and carbon emissions.

Growing support amongst buyers of palm oil shows a pressing need for the palm oil industry to innovate and meet the new global benchmark for responsible palm oil. Each of these five companies is looking forward to work with NGOs and leading palm oil producers to find solutions to complex supply chain challenges and ensure the procurement of responsible palm oil.

Integral to the POIG Charter is a commitment from producers to break the link between palm oil expansion and deforestation, by conserving and restoring High Conservation Values (HCV), by respecting the Free, Prior and Informed Consent of affected communities and by putting a High Carbon Stock Approach into practice.

The POIG will find innovative ways to build on the current Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) standards to halt deforestation, respect rights, resolve conflict and ensure greater traceability from plantations to grocery store shelves.
This endorsement by leading manufacturers and retailers was warmly welcomed by the members of the Palm Oil Innovation Group:

“Today, leading manufacturers and retailers have put their weight behind an exciting and innovative transformation of the palm oil sector.

Through their support of the Palm Oil Innovation Group many of the world’s leading brands are now taking a pivotal role in driving a move towards responsible palm oil. These companies can help transform the marketplace for palm oil through the development of innovative practices, joint supply chain actions and by increasing the demand for responsible palm oil.

Together with POIG’s palm oil producer members, Agropalma, DAABON and NBPOL these retailers and manufacturers have demonstrated that market support for responsible palm oil is a reality.
We look forward to working together to find new ways to transform the palm oil landscape for the better.”

For media comment contact representatives of the Palm Oil Innovation Group:
Suzanne Kroger, Greenpeace: + 62 811 8800 420, [email protected]
Simon Lord, New Britain Palm Oil: [email protected]
Adam Harrison, WWF: [email protected]

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