What is the difference between POIG and the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)?

The Palm Oil Innovation Group (POIG) is a multi-stakeholder initiative that creates and promotes innovations in the palm oil industry. POIG strives to achieve the adoption of responsible palm oil production practices by key players in the supply chain through developing and sharing a credible and verifiable benchmark that builds upon the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

POIG’s grower members support the (RSPO) principle commitment to continuous improvement by implementing existing RSPO standards as well as demonstrating advances for additional critical issues. In addition to trialling and promoting innovation, POIG has developed an auditable framework to enable market recognition for palm oil produced by companies operating in compliance with the POIG Charter and verification indicators, which build on the RSPO Principles & Criteria (P&C) to prevent deforestation, expansion on peatlands of any depth, to uphold human and labour rights, and limit climate change.

POIG stands as a strong supporter of RSPO certification. Grower companies must be at least 50% RSPO certified, with a commitment to becoming 100% RSPO certified within two years, to be eligible for POIG membership. POIG’s goal is not to act as a competing certification system to the RSPO, but to advocate for the RSPO and other organisations to integrate the improved practices outlined in the POIG Charters and Verification Indicators into existing standards and verification frameworks.

POIG was established by a number of NGOs and progressive palm oil growers as a forum for actors along the supply chain to work together and create solutions to major challenges facing the palm oil sector and existing certification systems, including the RSPO. Since its establishment, it has grown in membership to include retailers and manufacturers, and members with vertically integrated production, processing and trade operations. It has supported the establishment of the High Carbon Stock Approach—the leading methodology for putting no deforestation into practice—and has been an innovation space for front-runners within the RSPO’s membership to make improvements in palm oil production practices including on labour issues facing the industry. POIG is committed to creative innovations on key issues, such as alternatives to drainage based use of peatlands, which are under discussion during the RSPO’s review of its certification standard.

A journey towards responsible palm oil