Position statement on glyphosate based herbicide use

We recognise the growing concern on the use of glyphosate formulation as toxic, persistent and probably carcinogenic.

POIG grower members have all committed to phase out of all highly toxic, bio-accumulative and persistent pesticides. This includes chemicals listed by World Health Organisation Class 1A or 1B, Stockholm or Rotterdam Conventions, FSC ‘Highly Hazardous’ list and SAN prohibited pesticide list.

For glyphosate based herbicides (GBHs) that are currently not included in any of the forbidden pesticides lists, our grower members have taken a proactive approach towards reduction and phase-out; these include expanding organic farming operations, trialling alternative herbicidal compounds, improving mechanical weeding efficiency and instituting strict handling protocols.

POIG members are also committed to full transparency and annual reviews of GBH use practices, guided by the scientific community’s latest consensus. As an organisation focusing on creating and promoting innovations, we are working on an innovations publication to be published in Q1 of 2021 that showcases our grower members’ effort to reduce and, when possible, phase-out of GBH use in their palm oil operations.