POIG raises the bar for retailers & Manufacturers members

The Palm Oil Innovation Group (POIG) has agreed a new set of indicators for its Retailers & Manufacturers (RM) members, setting our stringent requirements for the procurement of sustainable and responsible palm oil.

The POIG Charter for RM, launched in 2015 , set out the obligation to work towards increasing uptake of POIG verified and RSPO SG palm oil products and to eliminate the use of conventional and certificate-based palm oil. The indicators provide additional guidance and mandate ambition targets and workplans to achieve this. The new indicators also provide guidelines for transparency on suppliers and grievance procedures aligned with best-in-class practice in the industry.

The POIG RM Indicators is an extension of the work the group has been doing since 2013, trialling ways to improve the RSPO P&C. POIG recognises the 2018 P&C as a significant leap forward, and we are now focusing on action to ensure that the implementation of the new P&C is robust and credible, and that the downstream supply chain lives up to their purchasing commitments.

Click here to download the POIG Retailers and Manufacturers Charter Indicators